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Tue, Nov. 1st, 2011, 09:55 am

so, dove thru another weekend at goose... tired.
this last weekend, i processed mild winter, xmas (400 bbls) and a 312.... what a contrast. The first beer went fine, it was at a good pace and i was able to clean tanks and get stuff done. the xmas was a different story... first one ran okay... second one ran like shit. did my best to keep my turbidity down, added my yeast when the lab guy showed... but it was almost forgettable. I was able to work and focus on stuff and that was almost a kiss of death with the 200bbl 312... low turbidity, high speed, done in 2ish hours once i got rolling, bypassed halfway thru for turbidity.

on monday it was hectic. had a bunch of stuff going on, boiler went down due to maintenence, but i was able to clean the centrifuge.
couldn't cip the fv. but I had done enough... pitched 2 tanks. one in the innovation room with kegs. hope that goes well... i'll see what a 6 day looks like this weekend on the marisol.

otherwise, this week I have cleaning projects.
maybe i'll trip out to detroit for a daytrip, thursday has a new holland event, and i haven't been to grand rapids in a while.

on the short, i'm treating myself to an uncle pete's pizza today. I'm worth it.

Wed, Oct. 19th, 2011, 12:09 am

might just revive the old LJ.
haven't been in a month of sundays and just gotten out of the habit, a buddy reminded me how much i used to post on here and i need to get back. and in a way... a sentence or two over at bookface isn't really doing it for me as things go... I like to blather, prattle, rattle on, talk shit... so lets revive older ways and get back into the journal itself.

that being said.... just got back from great american beer festival - 2 medals for sofie and harvest... awesome...

things have changed since you last tuned in... brewing and cellaring are my job.
i'll prolly talk about those a lot since i like to talk about them, on a revolving schedule every two weeks, just came off the night weekends of 6pm to am... next week is weekend cellar for 2 weeks and after that is wb which are both 6am to pm, the cellar's a bit more variable with less and more to do and as long as the brewhouse is taken care of then i can roll as far as things are concerned. Processing 312 and mild this coming weekend... when i say processing i mean that i'll take beer that's fermented out non carbonated and either centrifuge (spin the yeast out) or filter (with de) and carbonate into a finished brite tank... clean tanks (cip) and sanitize them for pitching into for future beers processed by the brewhouse. It's a fun juggling game that is challenging to get started and has holes, but keeps  you running till you're fairly set up then gets you planning for next day stuff so you don't shoot yourself in the foot.

my family life has been pretty standard.... and they're good for the moment, and i'm not taking it for granted, sometimes i feel like I wanna just stay still not to upset the balance. I worry way too much as it is....

still into the graffiti, but don't have as much time for it.
still into the beer like crazy, tho I don't have as much time to travel for it, and you'd think... dave, you work at a brewery, what's the appeal of other peoples beer? and i'd say like i've always said... can't be a satisfied artist if you don't know what the other kids are painting with....
and i've got a whole country to sample from, with that europe continent to tinker with if i so see fit, but wide and large (like my ass) i'm an american craft beer drinker... and contrary to what people might say bout the new owners of my company, that's what I do, that's who I am. So getting a new bottle from places like backcountry or darkside or alpine (who you say?) zackly...

i have a photostream over at flickr... i should import the pics from photobucket... was hardcore pb user when i was here last... that speaks volumes on my absence, cause i've posted bout 10k pics over at flickr now... yeah 10000. i've shot round 50k with the 3 lumixes i've owned. and for a compact camera it's pretty badass... panasonic lumix Zs3. the current model the Zs10 is droolworthy tho... I think it's time i graduate to lenses with the panasonic family, i have a canon to work with, but I want my own panasonic, maybe the gh2.... to discover shit with my own get shots, thinking bout the thirds and getting a really good low light cam, start to do long exposure stuff all that shit....

red rocks.

that's all for now... more to come on the daily stuffs.
buck up mr. smith... you should show off your snazzy new t shirts...
twice and all.

oh and i'm going back to cali in december to pizza port and hitting la graffiti... fuck yeah am i excited!!!

Thu, Jun. 23rd, 2011, 01:01 pm

so my delay has been more than 6 months this time.


I really loved the whole livejournal experience. i'll try and be back.

Thu, Jan. 13th, 2011, 09:41 pm
new year, omedeto...

year of the rabbit or so i'm told...

i've already set the wheels in motion for a vacation... it occured to me how much fun i had in san francisco and how the trip woulda been better if i had stayed in one place... so i pulled the trigger on san fran again.

work is progressing in to a more conformist place as schedules get regulated. I don't think it's a good thing.
but if getting rid of a bunch of people is their plan... well. they may get what they want.

i haven't been shooting much, but it's been cold.

the four shots are some of the shots I took while in portland and seattle... the beer above was a kriek that was just badass... and the other shots are the portland japanese garden, a strange house in portland and the end of the world heading towards walking man brewery in washington.

more on my flickr.

i'm again a little down about things, but it's not like their bad... they could be a lot worse.

talk to ya...

Tue, Oct. 26th, 2010, 12:45 am
it's been a while...

running out of internet leads me back here.

halloween on the forefront with fobab not far behind... still shooting up the town here and there.
kind of sad to a degree...

i'm sad about a lot of things. just sad.

trip coming up in dec and I took off after xmas. so there's that...

Wed, Jun. 23rd, 2010, 05:59 am
smith and wedding

so a different kind of weekend awaits me... and i'm sort of excited, sans the backpain.

the wedding's at 3 on saturday so... I have a friday open to me and there are things I want to do and things i can treat my friend the smith to...
I re-evalutated some of those things, due to my current condition, meaning my teeth, but all in all should be fairly epic and enjoyable all around.

the wedding itself is going to be a cluster in entertainment, i'm sitting at a table with people i know, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Fri, Jun. 18th, 2010, 02:01 pm

and the battle was far from over

So lately i've been hitting spots around town graf wise and running into artists round the way... very cool...
leks, enime, and some of the other augusta regulars. I like that, it's cool.

work's been work lately... we're going to get the new wort receiver online soon so...

hit up indiana just recently... 

phil's turning 40 and shit at the end of the month... happiness is a warm gun somedays.

listening to nothing lately, and i need a new good music fix... new stp.. .not so much. audiobooks are taking over again even with the desperate attempt to cleanse my radio listening from all that damn spotty advertizing... hate it...

this great taste thing has got me hating life, wanna know either way. going into work to grab the last of the beer for the wedding next week and hitting some spots for shootin along the way.

i bought a lotso small stuffed for the rats, but, not giving it to them... i dislike lotso.
and there's no after credits scene in toy story 3, so don't bother waiting when the credits are rolling after the inital aftermath scenes.
I like the movie a lot, but 3 is really underlines stuff, and parts are scary. I really liked it tho.

Sun, May. 2nd, 2010, 08:50 pm

this is what i've been doing with myself as of late... hunting for shots around the way. I primarily like to shoot graffiti. but I shoot other stuff too.

that was nasty...

Fri, Mar. 19th, 2010, 08:37 am

so, i strolled back in here after a good ass while cause it's time for that...

hi everybody. Dave here.

I work now on weekends and have been for some time. it's rather consuming to be on the in when most are on the out and it doesn't feel right to me, but i'm doing what I wanna do workwise so... it's a tradeoff.

catching up the last 3 days is as good as anyplace to start.

tuesday I did a seven bar crawl with some friends... starting off with a beer and pizza at pequods. As the posts have been far and few between, pequods makes a great deep dish pie with signature cheeze around the pan giving the crust a burnt outer ring of cheese and a carmelly taste which accompanied with really good sauce and toppings (specially the fennel sausage) makes for an all around good ass pizza experience. They had daisy cutter from half acre on and it was an easy go to... surprising even to myself, i ordered a water and had a second one before the meal was done. So not only a good base but a good watery start to what was to be a long evening.

first bar, goose clybourn... pmd mild
second bar, local option... mikkeller cream ale
third bar, bad apple.. (split 750 of) kombucha kriek...
fourth bar, long room, ginger twin
fifth bar, piece, it's all your fault alt.
sixth and final at maproom, founders porter.

that's kinda a lighter drinking faire than i'm partial to, but it made for a good evening all around. started round 5, ended around 1ish...  not too bad... lots of good conversation was had as my buddy kevin, in from TN, was in the mood for a good run around town.

then there's the dld bullshit which i'm SO not caring for. last year... early... this year's theme, how to keep an idiot in suspense? crash the website and don't give an approx time of the when so people can prepare. that's what it boils down to... bull-shit!

but with that i was up early, then sleeping, then up again, then more sleeping. till about 8ish am, then up and get going by 10 for a trip to madison and the cheese championships. that was awesome!

Thu, Jan. 21st, 2010, 10:02 pm

to have a thought, sooner lost than found.
then have it thrown into the ground.
bury deep, dare to forget.
and dig it up, just to regret.
looking for truth, and finding lies.
seeing things with different eyes.
when love is hate and hate leaves none.
it's when you know, that you are done.

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