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The path at the end of the clearing

Cry your pardon...

6 February
I have a great obsession for beer. I've been persuing it for the last couple years and it's been a lot of laughs....

I like the anime... but not in the way that I used to... Animation's taken that big step into cg and I was most fond of it with the cel era... but I still watch the new stuff... I just don't understand when animation looks cheap these days... If you're doing the cg... why cant remain consistant?

Working with fansubs made me love and hate anime, it sucks if you get sick with deadlines to meet... Kenshin, Lamune fire and Recca were especially fun, specially because, as an editor, you got to interpret those characters for six months and dialogue their characters as you saw fit... the villians are the best...

Big fan of the steve king.... loved the tower once I found it... but the shining was my first book that I read from sk... and carrie the first movie.... but Salems lot on tv was awesome... The lot was evil prevailing over good, Christine was a ok movie but the book which I read much later was MUCH more satisfying... It gave a better perspective on a parasite and host relationship... and after learning later that steve had drug issues christine made more sense... kinda like the "miles to go before I sleep poem"

all in all I'm fairly easy going...